1. Why do you think time became straight? Give more than one reason.
  2. What is round time? When in your daily life is time still round?
  3. Whose theory ended the idea that time is always a straight line?
  4. What sort of time is going on in the movie "Groundhog Day"?
  5. What other sorts of time can you imagine that are neither round nor straight?
  6. How did the printing press change the way we think,
    and how does the internet change the way we think?
  7. If renaissance means rebirth, what was reborn during the Renaissance?
  8. Copernicus believed the sun was center of the universe.
    How would you prove he was wrong?
  9. If Martin Luther were alive today, where would he nail his 95 theses?
  10. When Magellan's ships circled the earth, how did this change geometry?
  11. Galileo measured the speeds of falling things. This kickstarted modern science.
    Do you know any sciences that do not require measurements?
  12. The telescope and the clock changed our concepts of space and time. What inventions today have once again changed our concepts of space and time?
  13. By observing Tycho Brahe's data, Kepler was able to induce 3 laws of planetary motion. Newton used deduction to obtain Kepler's 3 planetary laws.
    How does induction differ from deduction?
  14. Do crystal balls, tarot cards, fortune cookies, and mathematics have a common purpose? What?
  15. Descartes believed that his mind was inside his body,
    and the world was outside—never the twain to meet.
    Who believes otherwise, and why?
  16. When learning to play music, which should you learn to play first:
    Rock & Roll or Bach Preludes?
  17. When learning to read music, which should you learn to play first?
  18. Which instrument today has replaced the navigator's sextant and clock?
  19. How do the beliefs of America's founding fathers in 1776 differ from the founding fathers who landed at Plymouth in 1620?
  20. Laplace said that if he knew where everything was,
    he could predict where any thing would be at any time.
    Whose principle in the 20th century replaced Laplace's principle?