Acrylic on Canvas
16" x 20"
March 2010


Notes on Painting Corita

Mon Mar 1st 2010
Corita was the model in tonite's class. Made a bad drawing of her with 4 colors. Snuck a photo of her in pose so I could work on it at home.

Wed Mar 3rd
Printed nude photo of Corita 16x20" in 4 parts on 4 sheets of 8.5x11" printer paper. Trimmed the 4 sheets and taped them together.

Thurs Mar 4th
Tinted white over Corita nude. Howie drove me to Plaza Arts where I bought a carbon transfer sheet. Later, transferred image from photoimage on the 4 sheets taped together onto canvas board with a burnisher.

Fri Mar 5th
Painted negative spaces on Corita nude. Started painting the shadows on nude.

Sat Mar 6th
Painted negative spaces in nude painting with Mars Black and Ivory Black in upper right.

Realized once again that art that does not go beyond aesthetics is not meaningful, but only arty, as Fats described the park art show yesterday. Art parodying art. Quality, however basic, as Pirsig says, is not enough, or is it? The idea must be there, or emerge immanently, although a pre-transcendent idea is phony and leads to hangups over perfection. [Reconsidering Fats' critique, which would please Tolstoy, perhaps beauty is enough after all.]

Sun Mar 7th
Worked on face and hair of nude.

Mon Mar 8th
Painted flesh tones on nude.

Tues Mar 9th
Overpainted orangey skin with more pinkish color.

Wed Mar 10th
Shaded nude with darker tan.

Thurs Mar 11th
Painted over heavy tones with white and lighter tones on nude.

Fri Mar 12th
Painted more on nude. Shades of pink becoming more subtle.

Sat Mar 13th
Painted the nude till Rob appeared. Defined hands and toes of nude some more.

Sun Mar 14th
Detailed and shaded nude more closely.

Mon Mar 15th
More touches on the nudey beauty. Attended painting class, but did not paint much more on my model. Euro art places much value on painting the female nude because it teaches touching at a distance, and the sensitivity that accompanies touching with the eyes. The male gaze: definitely not valued by Islam.

Tues Mar 16th
Painted toes and fingers of nude a little more.

Wed Mar 17th
Painted hands lighter shade on nude.

Thurs Mar 18th
Worked on right hand of nude.

Fri Mar 19th
Added deeper color around fingers of nude, and blackened eye pupil for definition. Time to quit this one after 19 days of dabbling. Good exercise proving that continually daubing reflectively on a painting can bring it to life. Probably true of everything we do, but how do we learn this when we are young?