Pink Wink

Acrylic on Canvas
24" x 24"

April - June 2010

'68 Mustang

Notes on Painting Pink Wink

Mon Mar 29th
Tonight's assignment is to choose a photo of someone we know to paint a portrait. Asked Max to send me a photo of Lisa for my next paint project. Have always wanted to repaint the Mona Lisa.

lisa wink

Tues Mar 30th
Max sent me a photo of Lisa on the beach from years ago. Talked to Lisa about her photo on the beach. She does not like it. Wants the one with glasses. But I like Max's version because of the colors: cool blue against orangeous pink.

Wed Mar 31st
Ordered 24x24 canvas at Plaza. Erfanio took me to Plaza where I swapped a brush and bought a 24x24 canvas.

Thurs Apr 1st, 2010
Gessoed canvas. Later, gessoed another layer on canvas. Erfanio drove me to Chromatics where I left the Lisa jpeg for conversion to a slide. Bought another sponge brush for gessoing, at Plaza for a dollar. Then drove to Max's store where he showed us photos of himself and the Lisa photo on his cell phone that he and I liked. I told him I would like to scan the original for more detail. Too many details were lost in the cell phone version. However, when Max got home, Lisa hid the original photo from him. Said it did not look like her, and Dammit! that was that. They got into a big fight. Lisa hit Max upside the head with a cast iron coffee pot from the This & That Thrift Store. Then Max lost control and strangled her, while Lisa repeatedly stabbed him with an antique letter opener acquired last Saturday at a neighbor's yard sale for a quarter—such a deal. Is anyone reading this? Well, it never happened...

While Erfanio watched Vanna White, I gessoed a layer of napthol red onto the Lisa canvas. Theory states that the red layer will shine through a layer of titanium somehow. Hmmmmm...

Sat Apr 3rd
Printed Lisa's face, and put it under glass to copy on top of the glass.

spacefiller lisa wink close-up

Sun Apr 4th
Poured a layer of clear gloss on glass over Lisa's face.

lisa wink close-up

Mon Apr 5th
Peeled up layer of clear acrylic on Lisa's face from yesterday. Too thick. Printed gray scale image of Lisa winking photo. Poured another base layer for Lisa's face.

lisa wink close-up

Tues Apr 6th
Painted eyes, nose, and mouth of Lisa portrait on glass.

Bussed to Chromatics to pick up Lisa slide. Traced slide projection onto the 24x24 canvas.

Wed Apr 7th
Glazed a coat of pink on Lisa's portrait on glass. Traced more lines on canvas for Lisa's face.

Thurs Apr 8th
Painted another layer of Lisa face on glass. Ouch! Too ugly. Stop!

lisa wink close-up

(Just in case Lisa reads this: painting was ugly, not Lisa.) Decided to paint face directly on canvas.

Painted sky, ocean, and beach in Lisa portrait.

Fri Apr 9th
Painted benches and boobs in Lisa painting.

Sat Apr 10th
Painted towel on bench with yellow. Painted over yellow with white.

Sun Apr 11th
Painted skin and face directly onto canvas in Lisa portrait. Worked on eye. Painted ochre stripes in towel.

Mon Apr 12th
Painted a little on Lisa portrait. Painted on the purple boob. Reminded me somehow of the Hindenberg blimp. Same Art Deco shape. This one's for you, Erfanio. Our instructor in class, John Knox, said that the car on the beach in the Lisa photo was a '68 Mustang.

Tues Apr 13th
Painted more of Lisa's skin while listening to Heidegger discussed on video. Do not know what to do except continue adding layers. Printed a red Mustang for Lisa painting.

Wed Apr 14th
Added freckled blotches to Lisa's skin. Layed down an undercoat for '68 Mustang Fastback.

Thurs Apr 15th
Splotched Lisa's face with blue strokes.

Continued dabbing splotches on Lisa's face. Added a little lavendar. Added cad red light to hair. Painted mustang off-white with dark gray tires. Titanium cracks when painted over clear acrylic. Painted another coat of white on mustang car. Painted Lisa's eyeball. Painted over face with flesh pink. Needs redder face.

Sat Apr 17th
Erased iris from Lisa's eye to make gaze higher. Sunburned her face with hotter pink.

Sun Apr 18th
Cross-hatched the sun burn and portrait face came alive. Continued working on face and eyes.

At McKay's bookstore, took a photo of winking Mona Lisa on a book cover.


Mon Apr 19th
Detailed Lisa's eye. Added eyelashes. Sunburned Lisa's neck and chest. In class, put a few strokes on Lisa painting.

Tues Apr 20th
Measured position of mustang in painting. Painted car is slightly larger than in photo. Placed car on canvas. Detailed Lisa's hair, mostly shades of cad red light and burnt sienna. Painted mostly light hair on darker hair. Decided on various names for sunburned Lisa portrait:
  • The Winking Lisa
  • Peach on the Beach
  • Bitch on the Bench at the Beach
  • Winkin Pinkin and Bod
  • Winkin Pinkin Hot Rod
  • Pink-Wink

Thurs Apr 22nd
Narrowed Lisa's eye a little.

Fri Apr 23rd
Touched around winking eye to emphasize it more. Repainted lashes on open eye. Watched how to draw eyes on You Tube: Walked greenway to McKays. Photoed page on eyes from Lee Hammond art book.

Sat Apr 24th
Painted another lip under Lisa's eyeball. This narrowed the gaze of her evil eye. Added eyelashes: long above eye and short at lip. Eye is not as relaxed as in photo, but more serious looking now. Hulie came by with an award she won at the prison for best volunteer. Thought Lisa painting was fun. Me too.

Sun Apr 25th
Scraped a little off portrait cheek, and hung it up. Later, dotted Lisa portrait with freckles.

Mon Apr 26th
Put more freckles on Lisa portrait. Packed up 12 prototypes and Lisa portrait for art class tonite. Put more freckles on Lisa portrait. Left portrait in rack to dry. Alicia from art class saw Lisa portrait. Wants me to do her portrait too.

Mon May 3rd
A few more freckles on Lisa and a few more orange hairlines. Darkened area in hair between eye and brow.

Wed May 5th
Put some lighter orange hairs in darkened spot made Monday. Blued under eyeball a little to close it, but portrait looks more awake without sleepy look.

Wed May 19th
Emailed Erfanio picture of my Lisa portrait. He said eye was too open. Mouse said so too. Placed scotch tape colored blue over it. He was right.

Thurs May 20th
Worked on closing Lisa's eyelid. Put more blue on Lisa's eyelid. Glazed orange into blue on Lisa's eyeball. Discipline is persistence of focus.

Fri May 21st
Painted more blue onto Lisa's eyelid.

Sat May 22nd
Erased part of Lisa's eyelid painted yesterday. Glazed orange into blue on top part of Lisa's eyeball.

Sun May 23rd
Added blue eyelashes to Lisa's eyelid. Not impressive. Needs dark blue mascara.

Mon May 24th
Toothpicked in more eyelashes on Lisa portrait. Added blue tint above eyeball, and pink line between nose and eye. Put a little cad red in corner of eye. Now the eye looks a bit too much makeuppy. Although eye is not as closed as in photo, the more opened eye is brighter looking.

Wed May 26th
Discovered, after painting Lisa portrait, that I like Manet. He worked a long time on his portraits to make them look like quick sketches.

Tues Jun 29th
Repoured Lisa's hair on left side of portrait so that cad red lite and burnt sienna and pink would flow into each other, hopefully to look more natural and less cliched.

Wed Jun 30th
Put a few streaks of pink in Lisa's hair on left side to make it curl. Still have not shown Max or Lisa the portrait. Max may be happy; but Lisa, probably not. May rip it to shreds. Should I hide her in the closet? What would Andrew Wyeth do? Speak, Andy, or forever hold your brush...