Although all these images are shots in the dark, not knowing what I would get, this is the first time I have successfully captured smoke images. My point and shoot cameras of the past did not have a quick enough shutter speed. Steve, my photo instructor, loaned me his strobe light to which I cut out small snoots attached to the strobe by a rubber band. To take these images, I set the camera to expose for 1 second. I taped up a black poster board background, lit an incense stick, and turned off the lights. For each shot, I blew a slight puff in the direction of the incense to rattle the smoke; clicked the shutter with my right hand; then pressed the strobe button with my left. I repeated this process about 60 times over 3 days at f/22, f/16, and f/11, respectively. All the shots were taken with ISO 200, but the f/22's are too grainy when the brightness is turned up in Photoshop. The f/11's are the best.