“Attention all you moony faithfuls, martial heroes, and jovial hopefuls! Close this book now! It is not for you. There is nothing new here. No ways to invade, intimidate, and control. No prizes to win; no powers to gain. Nor shall any positive thinkings, superficial optimisms, and enticing opportunities be found herein. Go away. Seek elsewhere. Goodbye. Insignificant shadows cowering in the remotest corner, read on...”

—Bill B, E7*     


  1. Never Take Advice From A Dead Man
  2. Learn The Language Of God
  3. Maintain A Huge Harem But Sleep Alone
  4. Fly Slower Than You Walk
  5. Think Negatively
  6. Act Irrationally
  7. Jñanastan—Bananastan
  8. Clerical Duties

Never Take Advice...

From A Dead Man. Why waste your life believing what some ancient fool had to say when the most significant aspects of being human can be known here and now? directly and immediately? Simply be still and listen—and look—and feel. Those thoughts are not really you. You know that. Heaven and Hell right where you are. The truth is in there. Would you rather live right or be right?


Learn The Language Of God

And You Will Only Labor On The Sabbath
And A Few Holy Days.
And what is the language of God?
What the priesthood says it is.
And who are the priests?
Those who speak the language of God.
  • In pre-historic times—
    dancing was the language of God—
    dancers were the priests
    —all art begins with dance...
  • in ancient times—astronomy—
    astrologers were the priests
    —all science begins with stars...
  • a thousand years ago—
    Latin Hebrew Arabic Sanskrit—
    scribes were the priests
    —all civilization begins with writing...
  • today—math—
    Differential Equations Statistics Fractals—
    scientists   Galory!
    —all civilization ends with math...
  • tomorrow—redancing?...


Maintain A Huge Harem

  • But Sleep Alone
  • True love has no object—no subject
  • Listen much—lust a little
  • Biology costs—everything else is free
  • Hard sometimes—very very hard
  • For every attraction there is an opposite and greater repulsion
    • Desire
    • Attachment
    • Habit
    • Suffocation
    • Resistance
    • Aversion
    • Separation
    • Jealousy
    • Hatred
  • Turn the meat on that barbeque wheel
  • Roast me on the other side
  • Should I or Shouldn't I?
  • Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi or Coke?


Fly Slower Than You Walk

Why are you in such a hurry to arrive at the end of desire? Stand still and flap your wings. Crow a little. Do not fear slowness. Depression is a conflict in time. Speeding empties you faster. The faster you go, the more depressing your stop. Turtles live longer than men.


Think Negatively

  • Positive thinking cannot
    Transcend its own happy thoughts
    Reveal the unknown
    Invent anything new
  • Forget principle
    Study the cause
  • Ignore justice
    Seeking justice is the root of all your evil
    Hamlet confused justice with revenge
    Can you do better?
    Vengeance is mine sayeth Dog
  • Liberate your mind
    Conserve your body
    Quality, not quantity
  • Stay depressed
    Reaching for stars leads to hell
    Learn to breathe underwater
    Let the stars come to you
    Know light—all else comes clear
  • Avoid Decisions
    Do everything
    The ambiguous are amphibious
  • Believe not
    Know all
  • Seek not
    Quit it
    Quiet it
    Be still
  • Join not
    Beget not
    Surrounded by billions,
    the world is your brethren
    the multitudes, your ministry
    If you must join,
    then join the ROTWANIARS
    (i.e. Religion Of Those Who
    Are Not In Any Religion)
    Are you capable of joining?
  • Worship not
    Less ye be worshipped
    God is not a god
    Heaven is not a place
    G.O.D. = Greater Optimal Dimension
    Y Ham Vhat Ham
  • Come to your senses
    Attend your mind till all thoughts fade
    Describe your thoughts—empty your mind
    Blessed be the empty of spirit
    for they shall be filled
  • Heed the lessons of Yeshyooah
    Strive Not—Own Not—Belong Not
  • LIST

    Act Irrationally

  • Behave absurdly
    Act your sage—not your age
    Doing right does not require being right
    Without principles there is no evil
    Never wait for approval
    Never wait for meaning
    Understanding follows action
    Make mistakes
    Of what good is perfection?
    Without vulgarity, culture dies
  • Listen for angels
    In prisons
    In asylums
    In solitude
    Nurture intuition
    Be with infinity thru all the day
    Live in eternity thru all the night
  • Milk your elders
    They are dying to give
    and giving to die
  • Live with the sick and dying
    The sick will keep you healthy
    The dying will keep you living
  • Play the flute—Be the flute
    A hollow pipe breathes free
    Live where you are invisible
    Always an amateur—never a pro
    Semper Adamo
  • Never pick your nose
    before you wash your hands
  • Study violence—Learn peace
    Peace is the absence of cause
    Peace is unenforceable
    Peace is silent presence
    Balms—not bombs—make peace
  • Beware local topologies
    When in Rome—be Greek
    When in America—be Indian
    The conquered are clergy to the conquerer
  • Heed the deeds of Yeshyooah
    Strive Not—Own Not—Belong Not
    Live among the ambitious and have none
    Live among the greedy and be not
    Live among all and not with any
  • LIST


    Observe your thoughts as you would a stream. Let the stream flow where it wants. The damned dam their stream with judgment. Stay detached. You are not the stream. You are not the beaver. You are the fisherman without a pole. Stay awake and watch the stream go by. Dance what you see. Draw what you see. Write what you see. Know what you see. Then you will not be what you see. Haiku.


    Clerical Duties

    Above all else—listen. The ear is your spoon and bowl, your brush and ink, your hammer and anvil. With your ear, you transform the lives of the many, one at a time. With your ear, you bring them to their light—their mirror call. You give them their meaning. You give them their truth. They see their purpose: to reflect the face of All Eyes.

    The ear is mightier than the tongue.
    Vanquished by many—prophet to all.


    *Sergeant Bill was a gunnery sergeant in the Vietnam War. He was continually demoted for disobeying orders—he refused to leave any man behind to die alone. At least a thousand men owed their lives to Sergeant Bill; another thousand, their deaths. After his suicide 23 years later, a string-bound manuscript was found among his belongings measuring approximately 16 by 20 cm. The manuscript is a collection of clippings on common newsprint stock. The language is in an unknown script—perhaps the secret cipher of a monastery where the sergeant once reconned or recouped. In the margins, Sergeant Bill had scribbled throughout some scattered comments. Was he able to decipher this mysterious text? Or are these just his random thoughts on random litter? A flash book facsimile is presented above. Also listed above are his comments arranged for readability. On the last page of the manual, Sergeant Bill, or someone unknown, had drawn a circle around a blob of ink somewhat resembling the planet Saturn.