I love celestial globes. I love orreries. I love ancient astrolabes. On one day this week, I rode the train seven miles east from Victoria Station to the Greenwich Royal Observatory. I wanted to feel what it was like to straddle the prime meridian with one foot east of Greenwich and one foot west. Of course this line, actually a great circle encompassing the earth, is, unlike the equator, totally artificial. The line could have been anywhere. At one time, it cut through Paris. ...and would today if the French had won the Battle of Quebec. The line is important because of what opposes it on the other side of the globe — nothing but ocean and a few volcanic pimples. We need the line on the other side to end yesterday and start tomorrow. It's more practical to do this where few people will be concerned about what day it is. These few are not living in artificial time and space.


However, most of us are living under an unnatural dome scheduled by an unnatural clock, or we are trying to, and in the stress between nature and standardization, we are likely causing ourselves cancer and other diseases unknown. Our clocks and calendars are only approximations to our bodily time. There are less than 24 hours in a day, and more than 365 days in a year. There are many biological clocks our bodies synchronize with: circadian rhythms, ocean tides, summer, fall, winter, spring, each a cycle, shorter or longer, in a fathomless spectrum of waves. And although we respond to all these clocks, we are aware of but a few of them.

For example, there may be some unknown clock, where the planetoid Pluto is the clock hand, that encourages Americans to periodically fight a war and indicates the reason for that war according to the celestial longitude of Pluto. Wow! How's that for far out crankdom? Ah, so nice to think freely without the shackles of respectability.

Before we scoff, perhaps this table of Pluto through the tropical signs, not the artificial zodiac, may prove amusing.

SAGITTARIUS   religion expansion 1748-49 French & Indian catholics colonize protestant lands
CAPRICORN hierarchy conservation 1762 Colonies v. King taxes to preserve hierarchy
AQUARIUS liberation revolution   1777-78American Revolution liberty-equality-fraternity ideals
PISCES boundlessness oceans 1797-98War of 1812 kidnapped sailors
ARIES exploration conquest 1822-23Mexican War pioneers v. imperialists
TAURUS possessions values 1851-53Civil War property & economics
GEMINI media news transport 1882-84Spanish v. American yellow journalism
CANCER family defense 1912-14WW I family alliances
LEO ego demagogues 1937-39WW II racial superiority
VIRGO limitations humility civics   1956-58Vietnam service to another nation
LIBRA diplomacy opposition 1971-72Iran embassy hostages détente
SCORPIO energy power 1983-84Gulf oil & energy
SAGITTARIUS   religion expansion 2001 9/11 Iraq-Afghan Wars   religious fanatics on both sides
CAPRICORN heirarchy organizations 2008 ? web v. tree systems
AQUARIUS 2023-24 ?
PISCES 2043-44 ?
ARIES 2066-68 ?
TAURUS 2095-97 ?

According to the table, Is this just another example of the mind seeing patterns where there are none? But if you see a pattern, doesn't that prove there is one? the USA will complete one Pluto cycle in 2024. The last time this occurred, the American Revolution began. You can scoff now. But you cannot scoff at the power of the human mind to see patterns everywhere and correlate any two sequences.