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Howdy, Mate, let's co-relate! Are you on my wavelength? I really dig your vibes! Are we in sync? Input our birthdata above and take our biorhythms for a spin!

If you were born on my physical cycle, a multiple of 23 days before or after I was born, we can relax and breathe together. And when we dance, our bodies move as one. Tango!

If you were born on my emotional cycle, a multiple of 28 days before or after I was born, we will feel strong mutual passions; sparks may fly; our souls are interlocked forever.

If you were born on my mental cycle, a multiple of 33 days before or after I was born, we will read each other's thoughts because our minds are one.

But what if we are not in sync? Well, one day off is still mighty strong.

For example, Matey, assume you are a groundhog born on February 2nd, 1978. You want to meet the most compatible guy out there who does not know you exist. Then advertise on the website of your school or church or mosque for a guy born 1288 days before you or after you. That would be July 25th 1974 or August 13th 1981. Why 1288 days? 23 x 28 = 644. Twice 644 = 1288 is a perfect sync in both physical and emotional cycles, and only one day off a perfect sync in the mental cycle. The vibes are almost as strong if he is 1287 days different. Happy Huntin'.

But are we out of phase by half a cycle—a 180? Then you know what they say: opposites attract! But look out for those tugs of war, baby! Who's your daddy!

And if you really want excitement, let's go for those 90 degree phase shifts. They should keep our wheels spinning. Never a dull moment on the roller coaster of life!

Tired out yet? Time for a breather? Want to be “just friends”? You know, “Platonic”? You will like those phase angles close to or right on 60 and 120 degrees. Harmony, compatibility, grace, hope, and charity without the obsessive consequences.

And so, Mate, it's your date! How would you like to co-relate?