Highway E05 runs 2960 km, or 1840 miles, from Greenock, Scotland down through, Glasgow, Preston, Birmingham, Southampton, Le Havre, Paris, Orléans, Bordeaux, San Sebastián, Burgos, Madrid, Seville to Algeciras, Spain. We turned west at Burgos and continued on the old highway 3 toward Portugal through Valladolid, where Sancho and the Don greet the passerbys, onto Salamanca, where Saint John of the Cross attended college, crossing the border at Vilar Formosa.


If an E number is less than 100 on a contemporary European road, you are on a class-A highway. In 1975, highway 3 in northern Spain was not class A, and parts of it were just dirt. My driver made the error of backing up too far on one of these roads, and his car went careening over a ditch, seesawing back and forth, with the back wheels completely off the ground.


Lucky for us, two friendly guys were passing by and stopped to help. The four of us were able to pick up the car, and move it back onto the road again. Sort of like these guys a few years and beers later.

Then the friendly guys drove on. Ciaou! And so did we...


...Coimbra, Leiria near Fátima, past Santarem, and finally Lisbon. It was dark when we arrived. My driver let me off on a corner near a family campsite, and waved goodbye with a Ciaou!