• 611-voiles-saint-tropez

    Les Voiles Saint-Tropez

  • 611-Les-Voiles-Saint-Tropez-2012

    Lots of Yachts

  • 611-StTropezHarbour

    Saint-Tropez Lighthouse & Harbour

  • 611-citadelle

    Saint-Tropez Citadelle

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    Le Musée de l'Annonciade

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    Brigitte Bardot? Before & After Botero

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    Cape Cartaya

  • 611-saint-tropez

    Saint-Tropez from the Citadel Hill

Places I did not see — Things I did not do in St. Tropez...


This night, Madame Frys prepared a wonderful dinner for me. I stuffed myself splendidly while she conversed till she realized I was not replying in any language she understood. Frustrated, she left the table, and I realized that tomorrow I would be leaving Saint-Tropez.