Returned to Vienna to view the Klimts once again. Not as many there today as there were in 1975 before Mary Altman reclaimed her family's Klimt collection that the Nazis stole. So the Gold Lady is no longer there, but the Galerie Würthle still holds onto the Gold Coin Lady
Danaë, whom my first girl friend agreed was a portrait of herself.

Frida Kahlo
July 6th 1907

Marc Chagall
July 7th 1887

Kathe Köllwitz
July 8th 1867

David Hockney
July 9th 1937

Camille Pissarro
July 10th 1830

James Whistler
July 11th 1834

Andrew Wyeth
July 12th 1917

Mordecai Ardon
July 13th 1896

Gustav Klimt
July 14th 1862

July 15th 1606

Joshua Reynolds
July 16th 1723

Jean Corot
July 17th 1796

Giacomo Balla
July 18th 1871

Edgar Degas
July 19th 1834

Giorgio Morandi
July 20th 1890

Edward Hopper
July 22nd 1882

The liquidity of paint attracts the water sign personae who enjoy painting themselves as morose as possible. Many of my favorite painters have birthdays in the last half of the sign of the Crab (July 7th - July 23rd), but not so many in the first half (June 21st - July 7th) . The first half of this water sign, it seems, is for writers. So far, I am neither a famous painter, nor famous writer. But then, I am not writing this journal for everyone.

Before I left the vicinity of Vienna, I had a traipse through the Vienna Woods with all its trees neatly spaced. I first heard the Tales of the Vienna Woods around '52 when Dad took Mom and me for our customary Sunday drive across the flamingo islands of Biscayne Bay. So these woods are not, as they are for others, the scenes my mind associates with the music that played forth from our tinny toned radio on that bright pastel afternoon and initiated me into the world of orchestral music. Which memories are public, and which are private, cannot always be distinguished by those who collect them. Slept this night on a train thru Germany traveling toward Frankfurt...