In Brussels, at a film company that seemed more like a warehouse, I visited the son of the man I met yesterday on the train. I told him his father wanted to hire me to make animations, probably for TV commercials. He looked like Keanu Reeves playing the young lawyer in The Devil's Advocate, wearing a nice Italian suit with an emotionless face. After viewing my clothes, however, he was not interested in my talents. My father is rather crazy, he explained. He travels around on trains hiring people all the time. Wonder how the interview would have turned out if I had been wearing one of those new $2000 Armani suits that James Bond wore back then? Perhaps a few kind words and a gun would have helped also...


Hopped back onto train passing through Leuven and Liege.

Clervaux Standoff

Slept in Clervaux, Luxembourg, probably on the campgrounds looking up at the rebuilt castle. During the Battle of the Bulge in WWII, American forces in the castle were surrounded by German Panzer divisions. After two days of carnage, the castle was burned down and the Americans surrendered. What if they had just waited till Christmas? At Christmas time, what difference your suit or uniform — unless you're an elf? Same outcome, and more Germans and Americans today.