Plane landed in the morning in Luxembourg. Overcast, cool, and damp. In the distance saw a castle. Mounted my Kelty pack on my back, took a breathing moment to look around, and walked down a hillside road to train station. It is 332 kilometers, or 68 hours, from Luxembourg to Paris if walking. I cashed a traveler's check for francs and bought a ticket to Paris. Seems that everytime I cashed a check I was cheated somehow, but what other choices there were, I knew not. For about four hours, I observed French farms and country side zoom by.

Reims Country

Arrived in Paris in afternoon and culture shock quickly overwhelmed me when no one spoke English. Lucky I bought that Berlitz European phrase guide back in New York, and could now say "Where's McDonald's?" in 14 languages. Thus via the Metro Paris underground, I managed to find my way to 6 Place Denfert-Rochereau where I had been invited to visit by Kate T. while I acclimated to French culture.

6 Denfert-Rouchereau


Although I was at the right building, there was no way in without a door opening. I had to make a phone call. The café on the corner had one. I put the correct amount of change into the box and dialed, but when Kate answered, she could not hear me. Frustrated after a few attempts of hello-goodbye hello-goodbye, I pulled the bartender over and gave him the coins. Then, I learned that in France, you put your coins in the box after the person answers. He walked away in disgust at hippy ignorance, and I walked into 6 Place Denfert-Rochereau knowing I was nowhere near Kansas anymore.