Kate was best friends with Katie Benson with whom I attended art school at Peabody College. They were both Harpeth Hall graduates. Kate's apartment was rather large with three bedrooms. The colors were everywhere cream and white with classically styled furniture sparsely arranged. She had two roommates. I was allocated couch space in the living room. My Kelty pack and hiking boots, however, did not match the decor. I felt the goggly-eye of a dinner guest, resembling Jean-Paul Sartre, staring in my direction. I realized then my time there would be short. Sighanora...


The first item on my Paris rush list was an International Student ID. I was informed that it would enable many discounts throughout Europe at hostels and museums. With a transcript from Nashville State Tech showing I had recently completed a year of physics, I qualified for the card. The card soon proved rather worthless. Where did that shirt come from?

ID card

While writing this page, I googled Kate's name and her email address popped up. She still lives in the same apartment. I wrote to her, and surprisingly she replied! But she did not know who I was. I sent her the photo above, and never heard from her again.