Walking back from my sleeping grounds to catch a bus back to Zweisimmen — there was no train to Lenk in 1975 — I noticed how rich the farmers were. These were no peasants. Each cabin had a new Volvo or the equivalent. Makes you wonder why the Swiss are so rich and the Slavs so poor. They both have mountains.

This day, I completed an alpine loop,
part of which I trekked yesterday — Lenk ⇒ Zweisimmen ⇒ Spiez ⇒ Interlaken ⇒ Lucerne ⇒ Andermatt ⇒ Gotthard ⇒ Locarno ⇒ Camedo ⇒ Dormodossola ⇒ Iselle ⇒ Zwischbergen ⇒ Brig

Swiss slides

At Camedo, our train crossed into Italy and headed down the Alps to Domodossola and then slowly chugged its way back up the Simplon Pass to Brig — I think I can, I think I can — where I received another passport stamp. In the distance, Monte Leone poked a hole in a cloud. Now I knew where Disneyland came from. Having puffed its way back up the Alps, my Little-Train-That-Could let me off in Brig where I quickly found another field beneath another mountain. Good night, best day...


Heaven I'm in heaven And my heart beats So that I can hardly speak And I seem to find The happiness I seek When we're out together Dancing peak to peak... — Joel Diamond & L. Russell Brown