Greensboro ⇒ Winston-Salem ⇒ Statesville ⇒ Hickory ⇒ Morgantown ⇒ Asheville ⇒ Waynesville ⇒ Newport ⇒ Knoxville ⇒ Oak Ridge...


I have crossed the Smokies many times both ways. At other times, I have returned home down the Shenandoah Valley. Either way I have often stood at the split of I-75 and I-40, a few miles south of Oak Ridge, waiting for my next ride. In 1970, the tail end of the Steve Gaskin caravan stopped and gave me a lift in its search for a permanent home somewhere in the Nashville area. They settled soon after in Summertown, about 70 miles south of Nashville, where they have attempted to live ever since in a rural utopia.


David was the archeologist mentioned back on the Tuscany page — June 17th. When he was 15, we rode our bikes down the Natchez Trace to tour what the utopians referred to as The Farm. Summertown, the town, on the other hand, referred to them as The Hippies. Nowadays, those hippies pretty much own the town. Are Utopias possible? Perhaps when we are all rich? What is rich?


No one picked me up as they had five years ago,
so I found some brambles by the side of the road and crawled in.